Day 15: Local Dev Setup + Coffee Machine Project

Day 15: Local Dev Setup + Coffee Machine Project

Setting up our local environment and working on a new project.

Today's Objective & News Update

Holla to my future self and anyone that's still reading along. Between day 14 and Day 15, a lot of changes happened within my personal life and career. I'm happy to say, I landed the job as a Software Engineer I at my current company,!!

Coffee Machine Project

We didn't learn anything new for day 15 and the main focus was to get the students set with their local environment. Since I used my own local environment for the first 14 days, I sped through those sections.


import os

def clear():  # Cross-platform clear screen
    os.system('cls' if == 'nt' else 'clear')

MENU = {
    "espresso": {
        "ingredients": {
            "water": 50,
            "coffee": 18,
        "cost": 1.5,
    "latte": {
        "ingredients": {
            "water": 200,
            "milk": 150,
            "coffee": 24,
        "cost": 2.5,
    "cappuccino": {
        "ingredients": {
            "water": 250,
            "milk": 100,
            "coffee": 24,
        "cost": 3.0,

profit = 0
resources = {
    "water": 300,
    "milk": 200,
    "coffee": 100,

def is_resource_sufficient(order_ingredients):
    """Returns True when order can be made, False if ingredients are insufficient."""
    for item in order_ingredients:
        if order_ingredients[item] > resources[item]:
            print(f"​Sorry there is not enough {item}.")
            return False
    return True

def process_coins():
    """Returns the total calculated from coins inserted."""
    print("Please insert coins.")
    total = int(input("how many quarters?: ")) * 0.25
    total += int(input("how many dimes?: ")) * 0.1
    total += int(input("how many nickles?: ")) * 0.05
    total += int(input("how many pennies?: ")) * 0.01
    return total

def is_transaction_successful(money_received, drink_cost):
    """Return True when the payment is accepted, or False if money is insufficient."""
    if money_received >= drink_cost:
        change = round(money_received - drink_cost, 2)
        print(f"Here is ${change} in change.")
        global profit
        profit += drink_cost
        return True
        print("Sorry that's not enough money. Money refunded.")
        return False

def make_coffee(drink_name, order_ingredients):
    """Deduct the required ingredients from the resources."""
    for item in order_ingredients:
        resources[item] -= order_ingredients[item]
    print(f"Here is your {drink_name} ☕️. Enjoy!")

is_on = True

while is_on:
    choice = input("​What would you like? (espresso/latte/cappuccino): ")
    if choice == "off":
        is_on = False
    elif choice == "report":
        print(f"Water: {resources['water']}ml")
        print(f"Milk: {resources['milk']}ml")
        print(f"Coffee: {resources['coffee']}g")
        print(f"Money: ${profit}")
        drink = MENU[choice]
        if is_resource_sufficient(drink["ingredients"]):
            payment = process_coins()
            if is_transaction_successful(payment, drink["cost"]):
                make_coffee(choice, drink["ingredients"])


I'm hoping to get back into my daily or at least every other day grind for this course but once I start my new position on 11/1, who knows exactly how taxing my days will be trying to learn a whole new working environment with my new team. Only time will tell 😁

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