Day 11: The Balckjack Capstone Project.

Day 11: The Balckjack Capstone Project.

The start of my biggest challenge yet.


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Needed this Long weekend

I started the long weekend with family and it was a much-needed break from work and new learning. A lot has actually happened as well within the past few days and things are looking bright for your boi! Possibly joining a new team at my company as a Software Engineer but I have a couple more internal interviews to do. So I've been focusing on prepping for that lately since they use PHP and I was unfamiliar with it, although it's not too far off from the likes of Python (in my opinion at least). Won't be talking about much PHP here but if I ever get interested in making some notes or journaling on here, I'd start a new series. But my ultimate goal is to shift to python coding so I believe having some professional experience with any OOP language will increase my likelihood of learning harder concepts in python easier. Nonetheless, I'm on my way to Lead, SD for a BachloreX getaway until next Monday. I plan to work on the capstone project a bit on the trip in the mornings before the day's activities start but don't think I'll have it finished before Tuesday. I'm gonna enjoy celebrating my friend getting married to her wife who's also a great friend of mine. Hopefully, when I'm finally back, I'm refreshed and ready to increase the gears a bit because, in hindsight, I know I should be a couple of days ahead of where I am but slow and steady is usually my vibe and life has been extremely busy over the past weeks. It's all about balance folks and I'm taking this journey in strides, with no stress.


I'm breaking this project down into parts because after I looked over the lesson, I know it will be better to separate my objectives within the module.


Tomorrow I plan on making my flowchart to tackle the whole project and just do the basic setup with adding the logo import.


I'll get started on the projects and use any of the short hint videos if needed (probably will ๐Ÿ˜…).


What I don't finish over the weekend, I'll wrap up by Tuesday afternoon. I should have my solution by then.


That's pretty much it. I'm super excited to celebrate some love, hopeful for landing a new role within my company, and also ready to tackle this project, one step at a time โœŒ๐Ÿพ.


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